About the Fund

About the Fund

The Suffolk County Municipal Employees Benefit Fund is a legal entity established as a result of collective bargaining between the Union representing county employees, and the County of Suffolk. Originally established in 1974, the Fund’s duties are to provide ancillary health, welfare and legal benefits to its members and eligible dependents. Contributions to the Fund are predicated on amounts stipulated in the SC Association of Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Agreements.

The source of contributions to the Fund is the employer, such as the County of Suffolk and other municipalities. Contributions are provided at an annual rate, prorated bi-monthly, on behalf of each active employee. In accordance with the Agreement and Declaration of Trust and the various governing agreements, the contributions are used to provide benefits for the covered employee and eligible dependents and to finance the cost of administration.

The Fund is subject to stringent statutory law designed to protect the beneficiaries of the Fund. Under this body of law and under the various agreements, the Fund is mandated to submit its books to audit by certified public accountants annually and report its findings to the participants. Copies of the Fund’s annual reports are reviewed by the Association of Municipal Employees and the County of Suffolk. All of the benefits provided by the Fund are self-insured and, as a result, the Fund maintains benefit accounts at various banks and investments in other institutions.



The Fund is governed by a Labor Board of Trustees comprised of five members whom are designated by the Union, according to the Agreement and Declaration of Trust by which the Funds were created and amended.

The Board of Trustees employs personnel who are responsible for the daily functioning and operation of the Fund, foremost of which is the processing of claims. The Fund Administrator is officially designated as agent for service of legal process on the Fund.

All decisions of the Benefit Fund and Healthplex are subject to appeal in writing.