Frequently asked questions about the switch to Healthplex

Why did I get 2 new Healthplex cards with my name on it?

The ID cards list the members name and Benefit Fund number. This is the information needed to check eligibility. A dependent can carry your extra card but, as always, you and your dependents do not need a card to receive benefits.

What phone number to I call for Healthplex & what are their hours of operation?

For Active, Cobra & Enhanced Retirees please call 1-866-717-1869. For “No-Cost” Basic Retirees please call 1-866-935-9047. Their hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm EST ( Eastern Standard Time).

 I have a dependent who is under 26 that should now be eligible. Do I need to do anything?

 No, you do not. They automatically became eligible as of 1/1/2021.

I am a “No-Cost” Basic Retiree & would like to look into the Self-Pay plans. Where can I get that information?

It is listed on our website,, under Fund News called “Self-Pay” Enhanced Retiree Plan Packet & Forms. There is a 4 page packet that has a description & pricing on all the plans & underneath is the Enrollment Form if you would like to upgrade.