Health Insurance Assistance Benefit

The Suffolk County Municipal Employees Benefit Fund is excited to announce our new Health Insurance Assistance Benefit Members whose base salaries are less than $75,000 and pay into their EMHP (Employee Medical Health Plan) may now request an Employee Health Care Assistance form from the Suffolk County Municipal Employees Benefit Fund.

Members must request their own form, only originals will be accepted. Members must fill out the form and return it to the Benefit Fund with necessary documentation. This may include a copy of the last pay stub from 2020. If the member was on leave without pay, they must also provide documentation of when the leave began and ended. Once received the Benefit Fund will calculate the benefit to be disbursed.

The Health Care Assistance benefit is used to assist active members who are currently paying more than 2% of their annual base salary towards one of the County Health Plans’ “premium” cost share. The County minimum cost share is currently $1500, therefore, if a member’s annual base salary is less than $75,000, they would be eligible for this benefit.

Members must be enrolled in either the EMHP or a County-offered HMO and paying the cost share to be eligible for this benefit. The Benefit will be calculated and determined by the Benefit Fund.

Due to the complicated nature of this benefit payment may take several months. We appreciate your patience.

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