What if I need to make a changes to my dependents on file with the Fund?

Changes to filed Dependents


In the event of a divorce, you are required to provide a divorce decree* to the Fund immediately upon the issuance of the decree. (The decree becomes legal once it has been entered by the County Clerk.  The page showing the entered date must be included with your submission.)  Any expenses that the Fund has incurred for a dependent no longer covered (coverage is terminated upon the date of the event) due to the member’s failure to provide the required documentation  is the responsibility of the member.  Failure to compensate the Fund for those expenses will result in a suspension of all Fund benefits until such time as payment has been received.  All time limitations and exclusion apply.   The Fund can not add a new spouse to your coverage until such time as the previous spouse has been legally removed from your coverage.

The Fund can not remove a spouse from coverage without having received a divorce decree or a signed and notarized waiver releasing the Fund from it’s obligation to provide benefits.

It is the member’s responsibility to reimburse the Fund for any expenses it has incurred due to ineligibility.  Failure to reimburse the Fund will result in a suspension of benefits until such time as reimbursement is made.