Welcome to the New Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan (Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C.)

…And Congratulations! Effective August 1, 2017, you will have a powerful tool that can help you and your family better manage the legal challenges which confront all of us in today’s complex world – a Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan that replaces the current voucher program.

With this new Legal Services Plan, the Trustees of the Fund have provided you with access to a local law firm with 52 attorneys on staff and hundreds more throughout NYS who are available to assist you with most of your personal legal problems. In the event of a legal emergency, like an accident or arrest, your attorneys are available 24-hours to answer your call. The enclosed benefit reference guide provides the contact telephone numbers as well as a description of all covered benefits.

And best of all, in most cases, there will be NO COST to you for the Legal Services Plan Attorneys. With this new plan, many of the legal benefits used by our members are  now FREE!

For Legal Services Plan coverage that is not free, the hourly or fixed attorneys’ rates will be offered at a significantly reduced rate. Remember.…The next time you tell someone “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer,” THEY WILL!

Daniel C. Levler